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Get Paid To Is Now CloutEarn 

To our valued members, we have some big news! We are thrilled to announce our new name as CloutEarn! As a company, we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our relationship with and benefit our users. As a result of this forward-minded thinking, we have decided to evolve our brand identity. We hope to make this change as seamless as possible, allowing you guys to have the best user experience available. All usernames and passwords from our previous website will be unchanged and accessible. We can assure you that no earnings will be lost. These updates are a reflection of your work with us, and we find that this name change is the most effective option for us and for you. While this is a significant change, our commitment to making earning online easy for everyone has not changed. We hope that you continue on this forward path with us. 

Why CloutEarn?

After witnessing some confusion in our users regarding our previous name, we decided it’d be best for a complete remodel of our name. We, like our members, appreciate the simplicity of our name. GetPaidTo was meant to showcase everything that we are, in one simple phrase. CloutEarn strives to do the same thing, without the confusion brought upon by similar, unaffiliated websites. The social media aspect of our site’s functions are why we decided to go with the word ‘clout’ to lead our company. Clout, a noun meaning influence or power, especially in politics or business. influence or power, especially in politics or business.

Your earnings are directly based upon your social media influence, and your ability to advertise and draw engagement. 

Our new name is the collaboration of many minds, and years, of our founders and staff. The work we have put into making this dream of ours coming true will finally pay off. CloutEarn will be the biggest earning website you’ll ever come across. In order to successfully expand we need everyone to be all in. This is only the beginning of things. 

Further changes 

Do not worry, everything else will remain the same. This rebranding is to help us evolve and separate us from the competition. Too many users were confused with our affiliation with the other GetPaidTo and to clear that confusion up we decided to give our look a little update. A refreshing new look to help us expand and move on to bigger and better with the help of you all of course. This update is in the best interest of us all, users as well. As CloutEarn expands so will the pay rate for users. As far as every other aspect of the website, No other changes will be made. We want to thank you guys for sticking with us through the rebrand and expansion plan. Just know that in the long run, this will pay off.  CloutEarn will be bigger and better than what we were trying to accomplish with GetPaidTo. Our number goal still remains the same, and that is to help you guys gain money online. 

Questions & Concerns 

I know you guys may still have a lot of questions still circling in your head, But do not worry. CloutEarn has a full support team that you can contact at any time if you have further questions that need to be answered. Welcome to CloutEarn the biggest and best online earning network. Looking forward to seeing your journey to success. We  hope you have lots of fun while earning lots of money. You can also leave comments down below if you have any other questions or concerns and we will be glad to respond, thank you !

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